You CAN teach an old dog new tricks

The whole concept of aging is funny to me…

I’m not so sure what to think about it just yet.

See, I’m at an age where I can be considered an older gentleman. Same goes for my friends.

But like many before us, we don’t feel “old.”

Perhaps that’s why this recent study piqued my interest…

Because it basically shows you CAN “teach an old dog new tricks.”

Embracing the “new”

A new study suggest that elderly folks are just as capable as the younger generations at mastering new tools and technologies.

Researchers looked at how those aged 60 to 84, and those between 18 and 35, learned new skills.

Long story short… the older group sometimes needed a little more time and training, but in the end, they were able to master the tools used in the study just as well as the younger folks.

In fact, age had no negative effect on learning!

This shows that the brain is still able to adapt and learn tasks at ANY age—which is an important takeaway, especially with so many of us getting older and living longer.

Remember, the boomer generation, which I’m on the tail end of, has always invented, developed, and embraced the new

And, indeed, technology has changed and transformed our life at a breakneck pace—so why wouldn’t we continue to embrace it?

Sure, your grandchildren might pick up on something quicker. But that doesn’t mean we’re incapable.

Let me give you an example as to why this makes me giggle…

You can… and you should!

One of my longest friends recently became a TikTok phenomenon. She didn’t set out to do it—it’s just something she started creating to fend off boredom during the pandemic.

Now? She gets interviewed regularly. And one of key takeaways is about how a woman in her 60s was able to break through and deliver in a medium dominated by the young… as if learning how to make a TikTok video is so hard!?

The perception that we lose the capability to learn new skills—or to simply be efficient with technology—is widespread. Therefore, people expect to lose skillsets or often chalk certain things up “to aging,” when this doesn’t necessarily have to happen.

Rather, we need to build a healthier, more inclusive, sustainable future for all current and later generations.

It’s so important to exercise the brain and participate in activities—whether alone or in a group setting. So, please don’t use the excuse that “I’m too old for something.”

You aren’t too old. You just may choose not to participate or learn simply because you don’t want to… NOT because you can’t. There’s a huge difference in both a practical and emotional sense.

Happy learning!

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