America’s sweet tooth KILLS

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the collective sweet tooth of the American public is putting us in grave danger.

Yet, we do nothing about it.

In fact, already sweetened foods are made sweeter here compared to any other country!

Of course, you already know how I feel about sugar. I always advise eliminating it from your diet, as it’s linked to countless conditions.

But turning to popular-yet-toxic chemical alternatives—that 25 percent of children and 40 percent of adults consume daily—is NOT the answer…

Skip the artificial junk

Artificial sweeteners—like aspartame (Equal®) and acesulfame-potassium (Sweet One® and Sunett®) are more popular than ever. But, they wreak total havoc on your body.

And according to a recent, ongoing study called NutriNet-Santé, consuming them can increase your cancer risk. 

(No surprise given they are chemicals.)

Researchers in France analyzed data from over 100,000 adults taking part in a nutritional survey since 2009.

Participants reported their diet, medical history, and other health information. Then, artificial sweetener intake was pulled from the participants’ dietary records.

After first accounting for different factors that could contribute to cancer risk (like age, body mass index, and smoking habits), researchers looked at the relationship between common artificial sweeteners (aspartame, acesulfame-K, and sucralose) and overall cancer risk.

They found that people who consumed large amounts of artificial sweeteners had a 13 percent higher risk of developing cancer over eight years than those who did not.

Not to mention, a higher consumption of aspartame in particular (also found in low-calorie food and drinks, like diet soda) was associated with a 22 percent increased risk of cancer and a 15 percent heightened risk of obesity-related cancer compared to those who refrain from the sugar substitute.

Modifiable risk factor

In my view, refraining from sugar AND artificial sweeteners is a huge modifiable risk factor for cancer.

But for anyone who’s been brainwashed to think they’re making a healthier choice by grabbing a yellow, pink, or blue packet in place of the real deal (sugar)… think again.

In other words, just say NO to sugar. NO to artificial sweeteners. And NO to your sweet tooth more often than not.

(Believe me when I tell you that even the most die-hard sweet tooth can get by without sugar.)

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Until next time,

Dr. Fred


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