The dangerous new commercial preying on parents’ allergy fears

Have you seen the commercial with the kids who carry the Epi-Pen®? One looks into the camera and says, “I’m allergic to cashews.” Another says, “I’m allergic to eggs.” And my personal favorite? “I’m allergic to sunshine.”

Honestly what is this world coming to?

I don’t mean to downplay how serious some allergies can be. But the truth is, some of them may be preventable. In fact, I believe the upswing in allergies that has occurred over the past few decades may very well be the result of over-protective parents keeping their kids away from certain substances unnecessarily. And inadvertently CAUSING allergies in the process. Just last month, I told you about a groundbreaking study that showed feeding “high-risk” kids peanuts starting 4 months old actually dramatically reduced the incidence of later peanut allergy.

I suspect the same study could be conducted for egg allergies, with the same result.

And…allergic to SUNSHINE?!

Few people of any age, including children, are truly allergic to sunshine. Commercials like this prey on parents’ fears regarding allergies…and it’s making them unnecessarily afraid not just of exposing their kids to healthy foods like eggs and nuts, but even the sun!

As I’ve said before, safe sun exposure is one of the best ways you—and the little ones in your life—can get vitamin D. And vitamin D is vital for every aspect of whole-body health. I recommend 20 minutes of direct sun exposure, followed by an application of an organic, preservative-free sunscreen. There are plenty of non-toxic options out there. But I like Lavera, Aubrey, Earth’s Best, and Soleo the best.