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I know I talk about vitamin D a lot. There are a couple reasons for that: One, I am convinced it’s one of the most crucial vitamins for the human body. And two, more research just keeps coming out about its incredible health benefits. Vitamin D is best known for its bone health benefits. But […]

I can’t say I was surprised to read this headline — in fact, I’ve been predicting it for a while. But it’s still distressing to see it in print: “US Life Expectancy Drops for First Time Since 1999.” That’s right. Despite all our medical advances, all the billions of dollars we spend on healthcare, all […]

The amount of ink spent writing about men’s sexual health is enough to drown an elephant. Women’s sexual health, on the other hand, is still treated as taboo. It’s a shame, because women benefit just as much from a healthy sex life as men do. And women are faced with many of the same problems […]

It’s hard to believe so much controversy could swirl around the humble egg. Ever since the anti-fat hysteria of the 1980s, doctors have been advising people to avoid eggs. “They’re high in cholesterol,” they say, “so they’re bad for your heart.” Of course, anyone with even basic understanding of cholesterol knows that dietary cholesterol has […]

I swear, it feels like my email is reading my mind these days. Yesterday I told you about a couple of messages I got regarding statins (one that went against everything I believe about these poisons — and a follow-up that just confirmed my long-held stance). Well today, I opened my inbox and this gem […]

If you’re tired of gulping down your multivitamin each and every morning, wondering if it’s actually doing anything at all for your health… then you need to try MetaMulti Advanced today. This modern day breakthrough goes so far beyond your everyday multivitamin we call it the “Ultra-Vitamin”.

MetaMulti Advanced combines optimum levels of 38 vitamins and nutrients to support your vision, joints, immune system, skin and memory… While at the same time providing cutting edge support for you blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, weight and so much more. Keep reading...

What a revelation! There is a critical MISSING PIECE to keeping healthy blood sugar levels in place. Without it--the dieting, the exercise routines, all of the tips and tricks you try can crash and burn. Scientists have discovered...your body is harboring "stowaway sugar." One of the world's leaders in blood-sugar health, Dr. Fred Pescatore, has finally found a way to tackle it. It's exclusive, it's potent, and you won't believe what it can do for you, starting in just 5 weeks. Keep reading...

When you grab back the reins from this hidden source--your weight loss goals can suddenly soar--your sex life can rage on like a 3-alarm fire--your sleep can improve dramatically... Today, I want you to discover my very own personal secret to capturing your youth. It's specifically designed to beat the pants off of this "unseen source" and keep your body strong, focused and energized. Keep reading...

In The Hamptons Diet, Dr. Fred Pescatore, one of the world's most highly visible diet experts, offers you a prescription for losing weight quickly while looking great and staying healthy that's inspired by the healthy lifestyles and demanding palates of the rich and famous. With the Hamptons Diet, you eat healthy carbohydrates and ample protein, achieving a naturally low-glycemic balance.Keep reading...

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