Research links this American-diet staple to early death

I never thought I would see this day come. And Im absolutely giddy with delight. Because at long last, the word is out: White bread kills.   

Can I get a hallelujah!? 

Of courseas a reader of mine, you might be thinking to yourself… “We’ve known this for decades. Why is this so shocking?  

Well, for one thing, it’s shocking that were even still having this conversation. But overall, it’s shocking that it took so long for the rest of the powers-that-be to finally wake up and take notice(Though, as usual, I’m still waiting for them to take action. One step at a time, I suppose.)  

All thanks to a new study, featuring more than 137,000 people from 21 different countries   

White bread kills 

Let’s cut right to the chase: Researchers followed up with participants over nearly a decade. And they established a crystal-clear link between high consumption of refined grains and risk of death from any cause or from a major heart disease event.  

In fact, this study found that adults who eat three slices of white bread daily face a significantly higher risk of dying. (And let me just remind you how easy it is to go over that threshold—a bagel for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and you’re already over the limit. Add pizza for dinner, and you may as well just plan your own funeral service. Ok, I know that sounds harsh. But, as this new research shows, it really IS a matter of life or death.)  

Plus, compared to folks who ate less than one serving of refined grains daily, folks who reported at least seven servings a day (which, again, isn’t too hard to do) had a 29 percent higher risk of death or major cardiovascular event (like heart attack, stroke, or heart failure).  

The researchers even go so far as to say that the results are widely applicable, since they looked at such a large population, in a variety of settings and cultures, with a broad spectrum of diet patterns.  

Yet, here we go again, like a broken record: The authors “do not suggest a complete elimination of refined grains.” Even after their study showed that by eating them, you increase your risk for death by almost a third.   

What exactly am I missing here? 

Sugar by another name 

We’ve finally gotten the powersthatbe to fess up to the harm of “added sugars.” But why on earth do grains continue to get a free pass in medical literature and dietary guidelines?   

At this point, millions of people must know and agree that “white foods” like refined grains are not in anyone’s best health interest. We have another solid study to prove itAnd yet white bread is getting off with a mere slap on the wrist.   

Sure, the latest U.S. dietary guidelines recommend that refined grains should make less than half of a person’s carb intake. But that’s still way too high. In fact, I would argue we don’t need any grains at all. And we definitely don’t need refined grains. Yet, the government still subsidizes them, and all those growers still get a pass. 

It’s complete madness. And the scientists behind this study obviously know it. Just check out their explanation for why refined grains are so bad for you:  

Refined grains undergo “rapid action by digestive enzymes and quick absorption from the small intestines [that] could lead to an increase in postprandial blood glucose concentrations. The rise in glucose concentrations increases the insulin concentrations, which leads to hypoglycemia, lipolysis, and the stimulation of hunger and food intake.”   

In other words, your body digests refined grains too quickly. In turn, that spikes blood sugar and creates a flood of insulin, which eventually leaves you starving. It’s similar to eating sugar, or candy, they write, as refined grain is 100 percent glucose.” 

Sound familiar? I’ve been saying that all along. And Dr. Atkins wrote about it before I did. This is not new knowledge, folks. But until we draw the line in the sand where certain foods are concerned, we will continue to eat our way to an early grave. It’s just that simple... and sad.  

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