Even the lightest exercise can keep binges at bay

The news about exercise just keeps getting better for people on either side of their weight loss journey.

In fact, another study—published early this year in the journal Health Psychology—showed that even light exercise can keep you from overeating.

And if you ask me, an evening walk is an awfully small trade-off for clinically proven craving control. So let’s take a minute to talk about what this research found…

Cut your cravings in half

This study looked at data from 130 subjects, gathered from brief surveys performed several times daily as well as fitness trackers to measure exercise habits.

Trends showed that, when participants didn’t exercise, their risk of overeating over the hours that followed was 12 percent. But after exercising for 60 minutes, that risk dropped by more than half—to just five percent.

Not only that, but for every extra 10 minutes the subjects put in, their risk of overeating dropped an additional one percent in the few hours that followed.

But the best part? The results suggested that intensity mattered—just not the way you might expect. In fact, in this study, longer stretches of light-intensity activity (like a casual stroll or housework) were the most protective against overeating.

This is significant, because contradictory to at least one other previous study on the subject, you may not have to “exercise harder” to reap the benefits.

It’s actually a major pet peeve of mine: All too often, dieters will use a vigorous workout as an excuse to “reward” themselves with a treat that sets them two steps—if not much, much farther—back.

Why the journey starts with food

There is zero argument over the critical importance of exercise to your health. And, as I discussed yesterday, it can also play a key role in weight control.

But here’s the thing: It takes a whole lot of running, walking, biking, or swimming to work off that “reward.” (Much more than even reasonably active people are likely to be doing on a daily basis!)

And that’s the ugly truth when it comes to the obesity epidemic: The modern food supply is the main culprit. So if you want to keep weight off—much less lose it—your journey really needs to start with your diet.

And no, I’m not referring to that “calories in, calories out” nonsense. Because the fact is, counting calories just isn’t going to cut it.

For true change, you need to prioritize quality over quantity. Fill your plate with organic veggies, high quality protein, and a hearty helping of good fats—and cut out the garbage once and for all.

In other words, follow my A-List Diet. You won’t find a more indulgent way to take the weight off—and keep it off for good. So as always, if you haven’t yet, order your copy today—and get started on your journey to perfect health.


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