Naturally boost your brain and body?! (no cannabis required!)

The endocannabinoid systema network of chemical signals and cell receptors found throughout your body—plays one of the most powerful roles in human health. 

And as I just revealed on Tuesday, it may even help fight against cancerous tumors. 

But if you’re hesitant to try medical marijuana to help stimulate this system, you might be happy to hear that THC and CBD aren’t the only ways to put cannabinoids to work for you…  

Exercise boosts endocannabinoids    

As part of a recent study, researchers from the University of Nottingham assigned 78 subjects with arthritis to two groups: Half performed 15 minutes of muscle-strengthening exercise daily for six weeks—the other half did not. 

By the end of the study, results showed that the subjects who exercised had lower pain levels and lower inflammatory cytokines. They also had higher levels of endocannabinoids—and more of the gut microbes responsible for producing anti-inflammatory short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). 

In fact, the researchers found that the increase in endocannabinoids accounted for at least one-third of these gut microbes’ anti-inflammatory effects.  

We’ve always known that exercise can reduce chronic inflammation—that’s one reason why it’s so effective for preventing and fighting against conditions like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.  

And now, thanks to this research that was published recently in the journal Gut Microbes, we know that this is at least partly because exercise stimulates the body’s endocannabinoid system… no cannabis required.  

Powerful natural medicine 

Our natural endocannabinoid systems mediate the functioning of virtually every cell in our bodies. And as I’ve explained here before, that’s why the right cannabis product can quite literally be life-changing—against pain, stress, high blood pressure, and so much more. 

But as this study shows, it’s not the only way to get your endocannabinoid system firing on all cylinders. Daily physical activity will also do the trick… which is why regular exercise is one “prescription” that I’m always recommending. Aim for at least 20 minutes daily.  

Of course, there are a lot of other everyday ways to stimulate your endocannabinoid system without cannabis, too—from omega-3 fatty acids, to the spices that you cook with. 

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I can hardly think of a smarter way to kick off the new year—this year, or any year.


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