Turbocharge your fight against cancer in just five days

This just in: Mainstream research has finally discovered an idea that those of us on the alternative side of medicine have been using seemingly forever.  

And it all relates to the “fasting-mimicking” diet (FMD). This is a fancy term for strategic calorie restriction.  

In fact, a group of Italian researchers recently found this diet could ultimately prime one’s metabolism and immune system to help fight cancer.  

Now, let the record show that I have been recommending this in my practice for at least a decade. But since the mainstream went through the trouble, let’s see what else they “uncovered”… 

Fasting fights cancer, safely 

This research looked at more than 100 cancer patients. They followed a FMD during which they consumed only 1,800 calories over five days (600 on the first day, and 300 on each of the following four days.) The subjects followed this diet about once a month. 

To the researchers’ surprise, not only did the patients tolerate this regimen. But it was also able to alter metabolism and immune responses, both within the patients’ bodies and within the tumors themselves. 

How? Well, the FMD neutralized the effects of overconsuming sugar in any of its forms.  

In fact, patients saw their blood sugar levels drop by more than 18 percent, their insulin levels drop by more than 50 percent, and their levels of IGF-1 drop by more than 30 percent. And these changes persisted through several fasting cycles.  

Moreover, any pounds that patients lost—a major concern during cancer treatment—was regained during the non-fasting period. Meaning their weight remained stable.  

Don’t wait—start today 

Of course, there’s another critical benefit of fasting: your immune system functions better. 

And this study offered the first actual evidence of a system-wide immune-modulating and tumor-level anti-cancer effect in humans. (Well, the first according to them. How long have I been talking to you about the immunomodulating benefits of fasting?!) 

But now comes my favorite part. The question: Couldn’t we realistically start to incorporate fasting into clinical oncology settings right now? Their answer: Not quite! 

And here, folks, lies the real problem with conventional medicine.   

How many more studies need to be done—and how many more millions of people have to die—before someone is willing to speak up and stand up for the fact that what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat really is a matter of life and death? 

Instead, we’re all stuck twiddling our thumbs while cancer patients everywhere get misguided dietary advice. (Assuming they get any dietary advice at all.)  

So, here’s my advice to you: Do yourself a favor, and don’t wait any longer. In the last year alone, I’ve written two features on the cancer-fighting, health-transforming power of fasting for my monthly newsletter, Logical Health Alternatives 

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