The secret behind LASTING weight loss (“diets” don’t work!)

In all my years of being a “weight-loss” doctor, there have been many assumptions over whether someone has a “fast” or “slow” metabolism… and how that influences weight.  

But there’s one fact that often gets overlooked… 

No matter the circumstances, weight loss always slows down the longer you’re on a “diet” or in a “yo-yo” phase. Especially among older adults. 

Why? Well, it’s not rocket science.  

But let me describe the details of a new study on this type of metabolic adaptation.  

Then, I’ll tell you the true secret behind LASTING weight loss. 

Your metabolism adapts to “diets” 

According to a new study on overweight, postmenopausal women, metabolic adaptation negatively impacts weight loss goals.  

(This occurs when your metabolism slows in response to weight loss. In other words, it’s what makes it harder to lose the final few pounds compared to the first few pounds.) 

Researchers followed 65 young and middle-aged sedentary, overweight women. Those who strictly adhered to an extremely low-calorie diet hit their weight loss goal after 66 to 252 days.  

But when researchers factored metabolic adaptation into the equation, they discovered that one woman had to follow her diet for an extra 70 days in order to hit her target. 

Of course, the study design here isn’t my favorite. Calorie restriction will always lead to metabolic adaption. Because that’s what we are genetically programmed to do: use less energy (metabolism) in times of famine. 

Not to mention, restricting calories to just 800 calories per day is dangerous. 

(This is also why I don’t buy into the whole “calories in, calories out” nonsense. Why is this the only concept of dieting that mainstream research seems to understand?)  

Not to mention—and most importantly—having a “beginning” and “ending” to a so-called “diet” is a big no-no. This leads straight to “yo-yo” dieting… not permanent weight loss. 

Instead, “dieting” should always be about analyzing what you eat and then making permanent lifestyle adaptations to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.  

Modest weight loss leads to significant protection 

No matter how you approach your diet and weight-loss goals, there’s one thing you should always keep in mind… 

Even small, consistent changes can translate to a healthier you.  

In fact, losing just 5 percent of your body weight can significantly reduce weight-related health issues, too. If you’re a 150-pound woman, that’s just 7.5 pounds! 

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