This relaxing morning ritual significantly slashes stroke and dementia risk

I’m not a coffee drinker—but I know a lot of coffee lovers. And as I regularly report, you really don’t have to give up your morning cup of joe for better health.  

As for me, I love brewing up a good pot of tea instead. But whichever beverage you prefer to start your day with, go ahead and pour yourself another cup.  

Because as this latest research shows, there are some pretty major benefits to be gained from both…  

Slash your risk of stroke and dementia   

As part of this recent study, Chinese researchers reviewed data from more than 365,000 older participants from the U.K. Biobank. These subjects joined the study between 2006 and 2010, and were followed for more than a decade, until 2020.  

All of the study subjects reported their coffee and tea intake from the start. And over the follow-up period, just over 5,000 went on to develop dementia, while just over 10,000 suffered at least one stroke.  

But get this… 

The subjects least likely to develop dementia or suffer a stroke drank either: 

  • two to three cups of coffee, or  
  • three to five cups of tea, or  
  • four to six cups of a combination of coffee and tea. 

And we’re talking about a significant benefit here. In fact, two to three daily cups of either coffee or tea slashed stroke risk by 32 percent and lowered risk of dementia by 28 percent. (That’s compared to people who didn’t drink any coffee or tea.) 

Not only that, but drinking coffee—either alone or in combination with tea—was also linked with a lower risk of developing dementia after a stroke.  

As always, moderation is key 

This is not the first research to find that tea and coffee are good for brain health. But at least where coffee is concerned, keep in mind that more isn’t always better. 

Back in September, I shared research showing that the more coffee subjects drank, the less brain volume they had. And odds of dementia were also highest among those who consumed the most coffee—more than six cups a day—compared to those who only drank one to two cups daily.   

In addition, researchers found as much as a 37 percent higher risk of stroke among subjects who drank the most coffee. (These same trends were not found among tea drinkers, however.) 

On the other hand, while odds for dementia were highest among the heaviest coffee drinkers (again, compared to light drinkers, who poured one to two cups a day), they were also higher in non-drinkers.   

In other words, if you drink too little or too much, you could run into problems—but somewhere in the middle, there’s a sweet spot. And based on this latest research, it looks like four to six cups of coffee or tea per day just might be it.  

Now that’s one way to start a cold winter morning that no one will argue with.  

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